Floor drain backed up. No luck with snake

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Hi /r/plumbing, I have a plumbing conundrum. I am a first time home owner, been in the house over a year now. The house is 2003, so 16 years old.

Last Monday, I went down to my laundry room in the basement, and noticed that there was a bunch of water on the floor. Initially thought it was my washer leaking, so I cleaned up the water, didn’t run the washer for a few days, and didn’t see any water on that floor again. A few days later, I choose to run the washer again while I’m looking at it to see what is happening, and that’s when I realized that after the washer starts draining, the floor drain in that laundry room starts spewing out water. It seems to only happen after I run my washer (toilets, sinks, and bathtubs in other rooms don’t cause issues.. at least from my experiments). I removed the cap from the floor drain, and I see water up to near the top. That is still the case now (image of it: https://imgur.com/a/Kzwq1ZDSo) I’ve read online and this seemed like a common occurrence, and that it was a backed up main sewage line. Recommendations were always to run a drain snake. So I watched a bunch of videos, went out and rented a 50ft drain snake and snaked it down the floor drain. Got all 50ft in, and didn’t feel any obstruction. I pulled out the snake, it came back pretty clean. Did this once more, and same thing. Water was still visible in the floor drain, and I was able to get it to spew water again by starting the washer. So I then called a plumber for a quick look, and he didn’t tell me much other than that he recommends running a camera down there and that he could do that for $300. I tell him I’ll think about it. Next, I went and rented a 100ft drain snake.. thinking that maybe 50ft wasn’t enough. Ran all 100ft down the floor drain, and same thing as the 50ft.

So now I am confused. Is it time to throw up my hands and pay premium for a plumbing to diagnose this? Am I missing something? Is there something else I can DIY?

Image: https://imgur.com/a/Kzwq1ZD

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