Grease buildup solutions

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Our kitchen drain was slow and then stopped. We attempted to snake it with a 25 foot hand auger but the blockage was further than that reach.

No problems with any other drains, its only the kitchen sink and just appears to be a build up of grease.

Plumber came today and attempted to snake but was unable to get past the blockage or around the final 90 degrees.

He cut the pipe in the basement and put an access there. The put the auger in where the access is and was unable to get past the blockage (quickly)

He suggested that having him there boring through the blockage would just cost money and we could likely do that ourselves. He said if we can’t get through or want to give up then the pipe where the blockage is could be cut out and replaced, obviously at a high cost.

He said it may take time but we could like chip away with the hand auger (attached to drill) and get there. And now we have an access in the basement so our 25 foot snake will reach.

I ran the auger for a bit but had to return to work so I haven’t invested too much time in it.

Is there a chemical that can go in to eat away at grease (maybe something that you leave for 24 hours to dissolve it?) or just keep boring with the auger?

Thoughts or suggestions? No surprise here, we’re trying to save money if possible – today’s call already cost $250.

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