Natural Gas Firepit Question

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In the middle of a project now to install a natural gas firepit and brick paver patio. The paver company I’m using is fairly large, lots of jobs around the area and I’m dealing with the owner. The paver company typically works with a different plumber, but their plumber wasn’t registered in my county so I suggested we use my plumber (who is registered) to move things along quickly and not hold up the permit process.

The plumber and patio guy met today and the plumber, thinking it might come up during inspection, said that he didn’t think the gas line should go into the firepit. He said he thinks the line should go to the outside and the keyvalve would kind of be mounted on the outside of the pavers, that way all the gas lines stay completely out of the pit.

The landscaper said he’s worked with a few different plumbers over the years and they’ve all used the flexible yellow pipe directly into firepit, so the key valve can be more discrete; he said with the riser it should be no issue at all. He said they’ve had it inspected by numerous villages and it’s never been an issue.

Not sure if the plumber was just being extra cautious and wanted to make sure we passed inspection. The landscaper said it doesn’t matter to him, but that the key valves are designed to be discreet and you have to have the gas line go inside the pit.

Any thoughts on this? I’m honestly even having a hard time picturing this.

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