Please help, I’m having a full on panic attack. My tenants ( wonderful family) just informed me that there is waste in the backyard and a possible sewage/plumbing problem.

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The house is in the City Terrace area of Los Angeles. I just read an email from the tenant, and it states in part:

“Reaching out because we think there’s an issue with the sewage system.

There have been moments where there’s an odor in certain areas of the house and around the backyard. We thought it was due to the overwhelming rain, but found toilet waste in the back yard (photo below, but hope you’re not eating)”

I will do anything that needs doing and am looking up plumbing services on Yelp.

I’m here to ask if this is an “end of the world” type situation. I’ve never heard of or experienced anything like this. I have no business owning a home, much less renting it out because I don’t know anything about anything.

Will this cost so much money that I would end up not being able to afford it? Or, is this relatively common? I don’t want to take any of the anxiety meds that I’ve been given as I’ve been told that it’s highly addictive and a new addiction is the last thing I need.

Thank you in advance for your help and guidance.

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From the top plumbing contractor Vancouver WA 98682