Water Closet Selection

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I’m adding a bathroom under the stairs in my house and the water closet selection has my project stalled. I can’t get my wife to visit the showroom to talk about toilets with my supplier and naturally I can’t get any rough-in done without making a selection and having the submittals in hand. The waste line is going to be a pain in the ass to install and might be slightly less than 1/8″/ft in a short spot, but the overall length of the waste line to the existing sanitary sewer is approximately 20′. Since the toilet is the only one on the main floor it will easily get the most use, so flow shouldn’t be an issue.

My question to you fine folks is: what makes/models work the best in your experience? I’m less concerned about the purchase cost than I am about having a bomb-proof toilet with plenty of flushing “power.” Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!!

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